A continuing emergency, two years after the disaster

This is still a terrible emergency for many ordinary people

Reconstruction is very slow - many continue to be housed in tents and temporary shelters

We strongly urge you to contribute to local initiatives helping people directly to help themselves


Ambalangoda, July/August 2005
Galle, July/August 2005
tents on land cleared by tsunami, August 2005

Ambalangoda Tsunami Relief Fund >> click here for detailed information

As in many other places in Sri Lanka, and assisted by people and contributions from all over the world, a local initiative is working to reconstruct. While the initial 'relief' efforts are complete, there is now, (two years after the disaster), a continuing need for help to finish reconstruction and to help redevelop the local economy


temporary housing funded by international support


damaged house + housing shelters in use, August 2005


people explaining they want to rebuild "here" and not 3 or 4 km away from the coast
International Red Cross
www.icrc.org >> click here

Secours Catholique >> click here
Secours Populaire >> click here

www.oxfam.org.uk >> click here


many many tents are still in used as routine housing, August 2005


several people (locals and tourists) perished at this spot on the South-East coast

Madhu Ganga

smashed fishing boat which was never recovered, August 2005
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thank you for looking at this information - please consider how you can help, even now
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